Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Road Trip, Part 2

On the second half of our trip, we stopped in Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Memphis, and Nashville. We had two days of extremely long drives, and with no air conditioning, the majority of it was pretty miserable. The only thing we had to look forward to by the end of the night was a good meal and a hot shower! 

The only good thing I have to say about New Mexico involves our meal and in particular, this dessert, from Chama River Brewing Company

A Belgian chocolate cup filled with 
vanilla bean ice cream. Topped with bourbon butterscotch, chocolate sauce, and piƱones

We also got in very late to Oklahoma City. Thanks to a twitter conversation with @mamaellesays we were led in the direction of a neighborhood called Bricktown. We ate bar food at TapWerks and it was pretty good!

Our drive from OKC to Memphis was pretty long, and we also arrived into town pretty late. Thanks to Yelp, I was excited to try the food at Double J Smokehouse & Saloon. It was so good! Barbecue is pretty much my favorite food EVER! 

As we were leaving Double J, we noticed this motel and it happens to be the one where MLK was shot. Pretty historical and a neat thing to see.

Our day in Nashville was our final day on the road and gave us something to look forward to. We wanted to have a "fun day" and since neither of us had ever been before, we decided it was as good a place as any to check out.

We went to Yazoo Brewing Company and they had pretty good beer. I loved their hefeweizen! And they served baskets of chips and salsa. So yummy!

We walked downtown to Broadway and loved all of the bright lights and honky-tonk bars. Eric Church was playing a show at the Bridgestone Arena so the area was PACKED!

Here is where I tell you about the most amazing meal of the entire trip, and perhaps my entire life. We were lucky enough to walk a little off of Broadway and we discovered a newly opened restaurant called The Southern Steak & Oyster. If you are ever in Nashville, please consider going here! I'm already planning on my next visit to the city so I can go back. I wrote a 2 page review on Yelp so go over there if you want to know my thoughts on my meal.

On Sunday morning, we left Nashville and drove the 4.5 hours home. When we got here, my brother and his family and my parents were waiting for us. We grilled out for dinner and just had a good time sitting around and talking. Oh, and we had a lot of extra help unpacking the UHaul, which was really awesome.

Once again, this post is completely food dominated. But hey, it's pretty much my favorite activity besides sleeping!

Next up, I will finally pick a winner to the earrings giveaway :)


BroncoMom said...

Welcome back home Ms Sweet Tea!
So glad to have you back in the south :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

That ice cream looks amazing!!

Jen said...

I get SO HUNGRY every time I look at your Road Trip pics. YUM!!!!

Mary A. said...

ITA with Jen!

But at least you know what's important in life!

Love the shot of you & the beer.

lil desiqua said...

Oh my goodness, everything looks so delicious! And crazy running into the motel where MLK was shot- definitely historic!

I've never been to the South but your pics make it look so fun! Glad you made it safe and sound!

Holly said...

do i see deviled eggs? ive never seen those on a menu before. YUM!!!

Mrs. Jansson said...

What a fun trip. You'll remember it always (the good and the not so good)! I'm happy that you made ti back home to GA safe and sound. I'm looking forward to more posts about you getting settled in. :)

Keri said...

What a fun road trip! I traveled cross country back in 2005 but did not have as much fun as you did. lol. I moved to Chattanooga about two weeks ago so we are pretty close! Hope you are getting settled and enjoying your new home :)