Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

  • Only 3 days until Christmas!
  • I have a ton of laundry to do so I can pack for my vacation. I'm going to be in two different climates - warm & cold - during my trip and that's caused me to get out some summer clothes from storage. Keep in mind that I'll have ONE carry on for a 17 day vacation!! ONE! I have a feeling I'll be packing and repacking right until I leave for the airport.
  • I hope that everyone enjoyed the edible gift ideas I posted over the last couple of weeks. I really do love giving these types of gifts, especially to co-workers because it's an affordable way to include everyone. Plus, it's fun to be in the kitchen (with the exception of doing the dishes)!
  • I added a few decorations to my mantle. Since we aren't going to be here for Christmas we didn't bother with a tree. I added some of my favorite ornaments to the mantle along with some of the cards I've received (thank you, Janna!). I bought the banner at Michael's last year (Paula Deen's brand) and finally got around to putting it together.
  • My brother & his family recently moved to Dallas. I received the coolest Christmas present from them - an assortment of unique Texas items, like salsa and chewy pralines.

  • This is the Christmas tree that C's parents have at their house. Isn't it pretty?

Now tell me...are you ready for Christmas?!


Jen said...

I am SOOOOO ready for Christmas!!!!!! I hope you have a great holiday and safe travels sweetie :)

Turtles and Pearls said...

I love your Texas gift!! That is such a cute, unique idea. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Dixie Bell Designs said...

I am SO ready for christmas, but I am shocked that it is only 3 days away!! Have a great time on your vacation!! Are you going to spend sometime at your parent's house and C's???

DSS said...

What a creative idea for your fireplace!! I love it (as in may have to steal it for next year). haha...

The gift from your brother & his family is so clever!

Safe travels, and have a wonderful time :)

Kate said...

Totally unprepared for Christmas!

Have a fun, relaxing vacation!

Thank you for the card. I owe you one!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

What a great idea for a Christmas gift that they sent you!

And I love your mantle :)

Sara said...

i am sooo ready!! have a great holiday :-)

Laur said...

I'm SOOO NOT ready! For actualy christmas day..yes. but tonight I'm hosting a cocktail party and tomorrow Christmas Eve dinner…all on my own. Scared!!!! but excited. Yet, I'm totally procrastinating sitting here blogging! haha! Hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and love it! I just finished my shopping yesterday; so yes, I am ready for Christmas...finally! Safe travels to you!

Jules said...

You did a nice job on the mantle! I would definitely use that same banner next year.

The tree at C's parents house looks so pretty!

17 days off sounds like bliss. I hope you're enjoying your time back at home.