Thursday, June 10, 2010

my first pink and green thursday!

Whew, it's been a busy week! But, I really wanted to participate in Trish's Pink & Green Thursday! This is appropriate because all week I have been riding to work on my very pink beach cruiser! It's the one below, but mine has a white basket!

Let me just's so much harder to ride a bike than it looks! After 10+ miles a day, my legs are like jello! It's worth it though because it's a fun way to get in some exercise. And I can feel my legs getting stronger each day that I ride so that's encouraging.

Other pink and green things catching my eye lately:

I don't really keep up with sports, but it's so fun to watch the NBA Finals, especially when the two teams playing have such a history together! Tonight's game should be a good one [hopefully Ray Allen and Paul Pierce wake up].

I love my pink HP netbook! It was a Christmas present from my parents and it has just been the perfect fit for my lifestyle. It's so great to travel with because it's super light, small, and it has a fast start up so I can be on the internet in mere minutes.

I have been crushing over Seychelles and am dying to get my first pair! I tried some on at DSW the other day to figure out my size and they were so comfortable! These green ones are adorable and perfect for summer!

I hope you enjoyed my first Pink & Green Thursday! It was so fun and I am looking forward to participating next week too!


One last thing...Trish is hosting a Summer Giveaway that started today!

She's giving one lucky person a Lilly beach towel [I NEED THIS!], a set of Lilly drink umbrellas, and a Lilly LeSportSac mini umbrella!!!


Dree said...

You have such a cute laptop! Love the idea of Pink and Green Thursdays!

Brown Girl said...

Your pink notebook is so cute!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

ok...your pink and green things are perfect...but I have to stopped me right at the part that you wrote that you have been riding your bike to work all week? Awesome!

10+ miles a day...your legs deserve feeling like jello...that is a wonderful work out and what a cute bike too! (I, on the other hand...haven't done any exercising (aka walking) since last summer! Yikes! I didn't even recognize my walking/running shoes, when I found them recently!

Blessings & Aloha!
oh...also, your profile pic under Yours Truly, is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your Pink & Green post today!! Do you find the cruisers harder to ride than regular bikes? I do... I always feel like the front is super heavy! Oh well - I still love them!

Amanda said...

What a fun idea :) and your bike is so cute!
So, I recently discovered that when I switched Google Reader accounts a few months back I failed to transfer about 20 of my subscriptions, and yours was one of them :( Just wanted to say hello, and I'm back loving your blog! :)

Kristin said...

Seychelles shoes rock. I warn you...They're addicting!

Anonymous said...

LOVE those green shoes! So cute!