Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so tired of getting this spam!

I have already enabled the word verification,
and I am somehow still finding these annoying comments
for the past week and a half.

I am going to start moderating comments,
even though I really don't want to.
Maybe it will stop and I can go back to word verification
{fingers crossed}.

I hope you all keep commenting
on future posts :)

Have a GREAT day!

PS - Thank you to my dad and brother for serving our country and helping keep America safe. Thanks to all the veterans out there and their families for all the sacrifices made to serve our country and keep our freedoms intact. This day isn't about having a day off of work, it's about taking the time to realize what others have done and sacrificed.


USCEmily said...

That looks like half of the emails I get in my work email- so annoying! I feel your pain.

Dollface said...

I got a really weird one the other day about a yoga studio!!! I hate it, xxxooo

Jules said...

That is super annoying! I've had it happen a few times, but it never got to be a major issue. Hopefully it calms down and you can just go back to normal with all of it.

Happy Veteran's Day to your dad, brother and all of the other men and women that serve our country.

Kaitlin said...

I had that problem too, it took a couple weeks after I put the verification on for it to stop.

Tracy-Girl said...

This is the ONLY reason I have to moderate comments, just because it is such a pain to deal with this spam... I hate it!

KK said...

That is exactly the problem I had!

Anonymous said...

We are sending thanks to your Dad and brother as well Miss Sweet Tea, we can never say it enough.

Sending you a smile,

Kate said...

HATE those comments. Mine stopped after I started word verification but I guess I've just been lucky!

Michelle said...

After I put up the word verification and moderate the comments, I don't get spam anymore.

Katie said...

Ugh, girl, so annoying! I haven't gotten any of these but I've heard another people talking about it! Boooo! Hope it gets better!