Monday, September 21, 2009

Discount Code!

EGM from From Green to Miles - please read post below and contact me with your choice of towel color and personalization!!

I really enjoyed working with Alison on my recent giveaway, and she was so happy to have gained some new followers! Here's the e-mail she sent me:

Thank you all for commenting ... with followers and blog posts, I had a total of 45 entries!!!

If you entered this giveaway, you just won a coupon for 25% off any order you make in the next two weeks. It starts Tuesday, September 22 (tomorrow), and ends at midnight on Tuesday, October 6th!!!

Even if you didn't enter the giveaway, you still are a winner for a coupon of 15% off your orders!!!

Thanks for following, blogging about me and all the love in the sweet comments!!!

xoxo, Alison

Isn't that so generous?! Thank you Alison!

If you didn't win the giveaway, please stop by Decadent Designs and purchase that favorite item of yours today!


Beth Dunn said...

Really cute. I'll check it out! xoxo

Danielle said...

Love the second bag with the monogram. So cute!

I got your birthday card by the way! Thank you! So so sweet of you.

When can we do something again?


Belle on Heels said...

thank you for your sweet card! i just got it in the mail and i'm in LOVE with that darling caning stationary!

Gwen said...

I'm definitely heading over to check them out know!!! XOXO

Phoenix said...

thank you for your very nice comments. Yeah, traveling is kind of exhausting, huh? Especially as a kid...sometimes you really just stay at home with the ones you love :)

Elle said...

Thank you for the sweet congratulations! What a fun giveaway you just hosted!

How is the new place? No more parking problems I hope :)